Detailed plan of work for all security services agreed

The Bureau for the Coordination of the Work of the Security Services of the Republic of Serbia discussed the overall security situation in the country.


At the session on Friday, particular reference was made to the current situation in the AP (Autonomous Province) of Kosovo and Metohija, bearing in mind the announced formation of the "Kosovo Army" and the upcoming General Assembly of Interpol, the Serbian government announced on its website.

A detailed work plan was agreed on for all security services that received specific tasks and will take all necessary measures to prevent security challenges to prevent significant instability from turning into a situation that could endanger the security of Serbs in the southern Serbian province.

It was pointed out that the announced formation of the so-called "Kosovo Army" would be contrary to UN Security Council Resolution 1244, but also guarantees from the international community that without which such a decision cannot be made.

The circumstances related to the upcoming General Assembly of Interpol and the request of "Kosovo" for admission to the international police organization were also considered.

Serbia will continue to present legal, police and political arguments, which say that Kosovo should not be a member of Interpol, but also to indicate how much this would be a security threat, because, among other things, the database of this police organization could be misused.

The topic of the session of the Bureau was the fight against corruption and organized crime, with special emphasis on the suppression of drug trafficking.

At the same time, concrete measures have been agreed for the police and security services in accordance with the legally prescribed powers and in cooperation with the competent prosecutor's offices, all with the aim of protecting the Republic of Serbia and the security of its citizens.

The Bureau of the Bureau was chaired by Secretary of the National Security Council, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Nebojsa Stefanovic.

Apart from members of the Bureau, the meeting was also attended by Minister of Justice Nela Kuburovic, Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin, Republic Public Prosecutor Zagorka Dolovac, the Police Director and the Prosecutor for Organized Crime.


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