Some Serbs ready for Kosovo elections

The deadline for the submission of lists for the Kosovo elections expires late Thursday, and no Serbian party or civic initiative has yet delivered its list.

Source: Tanjug

Some parties in Kosovo are gearing up for the elections despite the Serbian government position that conditions for the Serbs to participate in the electoral process have not been met.

Participation in the Kosovo elections was announced by representatives of the Independent Liberal Party (SLS), the Serb Social Democratic Party, Serb People's Party, the United Serbian List, and the Civic Initiative.

SLS President Slobodan Petrović said that he expects the party to be the main representative of the Serb community in Kosovo's parliament and that it will win a few seats more than the guaranteed ten.

President of the European Movement of Serbs in Kosovo Radmila Trajković said that creating of a united Serb list is underway and that the list is expected to be a foothold for survival of Serbs in Kosovo.

“The list will include representatives of the parties in power in Serbia, the opposition representatives and persons who are not members of political parties. The list will also include young people who are already building their own authority in their communities in Kosovo and Metohija,” Trajković said.

She believes Kosovo Serbs will not be confused due to having Belgrade's position that there are no conditions for the Serb participation in the elections along with the announcement that the single list will include representatives of the parties present in the Serbian government.

“This is a sign that the Serbian government is a democratic institution which will not penalize party representatives for deciding and taking steps on their own, according to their assessment of events in Kosovo,” Trajković said.

As announced, there will also be a multiethnic list of Serb and Albanian candidates, led by Radovan Dimic, who believes that this list may represent a ground for reconciliation between the two nations.

In contrast to these politicians, Kosovo Serbs elsewhere in the province are against the elections and agree with the Serbian government that conditions for the participation of Serbs in the elections have not been created.

The voting, organized by Kosovo Albanian authorities in Priština, has been scheduled for December 12.